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Born in Cork, Ireland and raised on the picturesque Beara peninsula; Richard Crowley joined the Garda force and served in Dublin’s crime ridden inner city of the eighties, before joining the traffic department and the motorcycle escort unit.
It was here he fell victim to criminals in a stolen car; who rammed him off his motorcycle, leaving him for dead on a lonely back road in Blanchestown.
Severely debilitated Richard was retired from the force, moving with his wife and child to the stunning Inishowen peninsula in north Donegal. He began writing as a form of therapy; all the while fighting his injuries and refusing to be beaten.
Swimming every day in the local pool, he befriended the dive officer of Inishowen Sub Aqua club and when his health improved he joined up.

Time moves on, they say it changes everything, and with Richard’s only daughter now a qualified medical doctor and he a single man again, he finds he has more time to pursue his pastimes.
Now living in Derry he visits his beloved Inishowen almost on a daily basis where he likes to keep active by hill walking, kayaking and sailing, along with continuing to feed his intense passion for scuba diving.
A fanatical motorsport enthusiast he has recovered sufficiently from his injuries to partake in motorcycling and restoring classic cars.


I love to go hill walking in the beautiful Inishowen peninsula and this is where and when I get my inspiration to write, I hope that you enjoy my work