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Published 1 December 2015
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Laying the scene for our story we open with a terrible sea storm; one that not only wrecks the dive boat Sea Searcher but also the life of Dr Laura Conway, daughter of the missing skipper. On that fateful day a terrible tragedy is born; a catastrophe which the doctor fails to come to terms with.
Fast forward to the present day where the appearance of an old man in a Maltese registered trawler yacht raises eyebrows and sets tongues wagging in the rural town of Buncrana, in North Donegal.
The questions remain unanswered as the pensioner suffers a fall and a stroke, leaving him unconscious and unable to move a muscle; in a vegetative state yet acutely aware of everything going on around him.
In what looks like a rebirth of the past old enemies resurface and are back on the trail in a classic battle of good and evil; but which is which?
Progressing through the tale we realise that those preconceived ideas have been turned on their heads as we chase through a myriad of murder and lies; love and kindness.
The past is back to haunt the lives of those who were close to the rogue that was Ralph Conway; an ace diver with a built in homing device for precious metals.
Old scores will be settled once and for all; in a stadium where only the strong survive to see another day.

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