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There are many reasons why people decide to take up writing; mine I guess teeters on the edge of reason. I always felt I had a novel in me, but back then I didn’t realise that the first one would break the log jam.

Sanity; or rather the prevention of insanity, finally forced me to put words to print. Lying in a hospital bed while being informed that the life ahead of you involves a wheelchair and a guide dog fairly crystallises the mind; come to think of it, I’ve never actually seen a guide dog pull a wheelchair.

One night, many moons ago; I decided to chase a stolen car with my not so trusty patrol bike: the things we do for fun! That evening culminated in the aforementioned hospital accommodation.

An inability to sit for long periods, not to mention the fact that the computer screen was a blur, meant that my first book was written, or rather transmitted with the aid of a voice activated computer programme; basically I dictated my thoughts while out walking in beautiful Inishowen. Long before the advent of hands free phones, you can imagine what people thought as I chatted away to my hidden microphone.

Reaching home I would get my computer to write up my work; thereby bringing to life Seven Years to Justice.

I’ve been told to write about what I know, which is exactly what happened with Seven Years to Justice. Nowadays being a policeman is a distant memory so my writing has shifted from crime to the things I’m now involved with.

A fanatical scuba diver means that some of my experiences have strayed onto the pages of Shifting Sands and Buried Secrets; we really did find a B17 bomber.

Inspired by the heart stopping beauty of the Inishowen peninsula and the experiences from my varied hobbies; scuba diving, hill walking, kayaking, motorcycling, restoring classic sports cars and now sailing, means that you my readers will hopefully never feel short changed.

I may have had a late start in writing, but with my lust for life I kindly ask you to watch this space.