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Readers reviews

Seven Years to Justice

"Great story, loved the characters and the wit. A real page turner."

"A real crime thriller, looking forward to the next book."

"If these are your first two books, then I can't wait for the next books, keep up the good work and I admire your inspiration and creativity"

"Great storyline, loved the writing style and what an ending."

Shifting Sands and Buried Secrets

"Loved the writing style and really connected with the main characters. Felt I was there all the way in their story." 
"What a great story line, my wife and I both read this book and we both enjoyed it equally."
"I loved the writing style and the alternate chapter concept."
"This story has heart and soul. It's impossible not to fall in love with the main characters". 
"I felt that I was there with the characters throughout, great story, kept me turning the pages."